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City Broadband in Provo UT and Beyond.

provo fiber

1) Google Fiber will put Provo on the map. Dozens of cities across the United States have been competing for a chance at Google Fiber for the past two years. Governors, mayors, and residents realize what an economic boon this kind of connection offers and have competed ceaselessly for the offer (one city even temporarily named itself “Google”). The minute this news breaks, major news outlets everywhere will spread the news that Provo is one of only three places in the nation (so far) to have access to Google Fiber. It will put our name out there and give us more positive national attention than we’ve probably ever received.

2) Google Fiber will attract talented, high-income residents. One of Provo’s greatest economic struggles is that, although we have a low cost of living, we also have relatively low wages. Lower wages have meant less spending money, less sales tax, and less for us to spend on things like roads and parks. Access to Google Fiber will be a massive incentive for the technologically-inclined, higher-income professionals that are trying to choose a place to call home. As an example: new Adobe employees in Lehi often choose between living in Provo or moving out to Salt Lake since the commute is about equal. This announcement just made that decision a whole lot easier.

silicon slopes

3) Provo’s new fiber will attract tech businesses. Big time. Although Google Fiber is created as a residential service, it will be a huge incentive for business to start or re-locate here. Tech companies want happy nerds and nerds with a Google Fiber connection are the happiest of nerds. If anything can help realize the goals of the Silicon Slopes movement, it is letting a Utah community be one of the first ever to receive a Google Fiber connection.

4) Fiber could make downtown (even more of) a destination. Amazing things are happening downtown, but it could get even better. While we haven’t heard anything from Google regarding their plans for public service, they have announced generous free, wi-fi connections for multiple locations like schools, hospitals, and community centers in both Kansas and Austin. A wi-fi enabled downtown isn’t just a pipe dream, folks. If we can get Google Fiber to come to Provo, I think this one is in the realm of possibility. If we could connect the downtown corridor with free wi-fi, we could browse the internet while eating breakfast at Gurus or use an iPad to tweet about the latest in the Rooftop Concert Series.

5) Free internet will free up spending money. So, everyone in the city just saved around $40 – $70 a month (unless you’re going for one of the sweet package deals, of course). What happens with that money? Well, hopefully some of it gets spent in our unique downtown restaurants, our boutiques, the Riverwoods, the Farmer’s Market, etc. The more money that stays in the city, the more we’ll have to work with to improve our infrastructure, keep taxes low, and make Provo an even more amazing place to live.


6) Google Fiber will help us brand ourselves. Yes, Provo may be known as “happy valley.” But, it’s so much more. Google Fiber and the ways that we find to use it will help us brand ourselves without any marketing consultants needed. Let the world watch as we use this tool to show ourselves as the artists, scientists, writers, videographers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and adventurers that we are.

7) Google Fiber will make Provo the best place for self-employed people in the West. If you’re running a business from home, Provo will be absolutely ideal. Combine our low cost of living with the fastest, most reliable home internet and you’ve got a recipe for self-made success.

8) Jobs? Google Fiber’s got the jobs. We don’t know the details, but major upgrades to the fiber system means that people are going to be needed to manage, oversee, and install. This is especially true if Google is planning on installing fiber to every house in the city.

startup community

9) Create an even more thriving start-up culture. In Kansas, people are already creating start-up communities that host entrepreneurs traveling from around the world with the goal of combining their ideas with the power of fiber. Provo is just getting going with some amazing business incubators. Add Google Fiber and it will be hard to keep startups from flocking to our city.

happy fiber users

10) Make the smart smarter. In a nutshell: fast internet is good for people. It has dozens of uses in education, science, medicine, and business. Google Fiber in Provo will have many uses for good that we haven’t even thought of. Sure, it will eliminate the buffering time on those YouTube puppy videos, but it will also help us create a community full of possibility and problem-solving. Ultimately, it will improve our economy. But, it will also improve our lives.

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