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City Broadband in Provo UT and Beyond.

veracityMany people at the neighborhood meetings have asked what happens to their Veracity contracts.  If you have  an existing residential contract with Veracity you’re actually contracted with the city of Provo by proxy. You’ll be seamlessly switched over to Google without repercussions so if your contract is up for renewal, they Mayor indicated that you’re fine if you choose to renew the contract.

If you have a business account, then static IPs may be important to you. That was the first question I ever asked when I first met with Google reps, and is one which they’re actively looking to address in time for Provo going live. Google may choose to offer static ip addresses but does not have details on that product at the time. That service will only be offered in the form of a small business package of which details are forthcoming.

The cost of service will be similar to Kansas City with the free service being 5Mb down, 1MB up. The Gigabit service will be symettrical 1Gb up 1Gb down and cost $70. The TV package is an additional $50 though premium channels like HBO and Cinemax may cost extra. Google TV’s service does not offer pornography.


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